About Us

We are our environment. We are all part of an intricate web of life. A single act that affects a single strand has an effect on the entire web of life. Most of us do not realise that we are cutting short on our journey on this Earth through our own acts of carelessness, ignorance and selfishness. At Yala Wild Hut, we believe, that each one of us plays an important role in preserving and appreciating what we have on Earth. If we work together to educate, and do our little part, we could save and sustain it for our future generations.

The inevitable rat race has meant that most of us live in cramped surroundings; in concrete jungles. We do not have the time or space to appreciate the bounty of nature. Each one of us at Yala Wild Hut, has a close association with nature. We believe that by giving others the opportunity to experience the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature, we may be able to develop within them, an appreciation for nature. We want our guests to come away from the Yala Wild Hut experience with an understanding of the reality of nature conservation. If our guests leave with a sense of wanting to be involved in preserving the beauty of Sri Lanka, our mission is complete. We firmly believe that people will only want to be a part of conservation efforts if they experience the fauna and flora in their natural habitat. You need to know what you have before you can miss it.

“No one will protect what they don't care about and no one will care about what they have never experienced”- Sir David Attenborough

If you believe in what we believe, the best way for a truly unforgettable experience is camping – with a level of comfort! Yala Wild Hut is the perfect stop for you. We take great pride in offering you ‘Comfort Camping’ in the middle of the wilderness, where nature shares her space with us.

We ensure a convenient stay, best value for money and a true wildlife experience in the most popular national wildlife parks in Sri Lanka. At Yala Wild Hut, we specialise in facilitating camping sites within the Yala National Park in both Block 1 and Block 2. From Standard Full Board Packages to a wide range of customised safari solutions including specialised photography tours, photography guidance and coaching and high-end photography equipment hire, we are dedicated to making your stay with us an unforgettable experience. We strongly believe that each person is an individual with her or his own personal likes, dislikes, needs and wants. We strive to make each guest’s stay with us a unique one.

Our well-trained and experienced staff is our biggest strength. At Yala Wild Hut each of the staff is well experienced in camping and living in the wilderness. Yala National Park is their second home and has been for decades. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and they are more than happy to share their wildlife expertise and personal experiences with you. Their experiences are sure to make your stay an informative and interesting one.

So drop us a mail or give us a call and start planning a wildlife holiday of a lifetime with Yala Wild Hut.